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What’s happening in BSBD 23/05/2013

We are currently mentoring two partner projects as part of our Better Services by Design (BSBD) research project. Our first partner is Chilypep a Sheffield based charity working with young people to make positive contributions to their community and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT).We are guiding Chilypep in its aim to improve access to mental-health services for young people. With our second project partner, Public Health Doncaster, we are looking to improve the use of a local lake.

As part of the mentoring scheme we are providing various activities to help our partners navigate through the project. We have monthly Design Learning Group meetings where partners report their progress and any issues they are having. During these meetings we also deliver a number of activities using methods from the BSBD website . The website offers more than 40 different Service Design Tools for partners to use at different stages of their project. UCHD also provides individual mentorship sessions where partners can discuss any specific issues they may have. The design partners also have an opportunity to reflect on their work as it progresses using an on-line reflection tool service . This is also a way to share their experiences with other project participants.

At the end of the project Dr Joe Hinds, a  psychologist  specialising in working environments, will conduct semi-structured interviews with each pariticipant  to see how well the UCHD methods have worked for them. These interviews, around themes of creativity, innovation and sense of agency (amongst others) will ask the participants questions such as what they  have learnt, what they already knew and any influence the methods used may have had in terms of personal, institutional and /or organisational change.

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