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MOMtech software demo at DRI 29/08/2011

August 2011 – Helena and Andy demonstrated the MOMtech software to an audience of women from the Monday Clinic and community midwives at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary(DRI). Two focus groups, one group of midwives, one of clients, met after the demonstration to feed back into our design. 

The idea of receiving motivational messages and reminders via mobile phone text messaging was very well received. The service users offered  to help with further research, and the community midwives also asked if they could be more involved. There was real enthusiasm to try out the software and start sending messages. Before we can begin our first live trial, we must define our research protocol (including a description of the software and the messages involved), and  get approval from the local NHS ethics committee for these detailed plans.

Project updates

MOMtech trials begin
The project is now at a point where the software is working and the diary element is being devised.

MOMtech - more than a technology design problem...
We start to understand MOMtech as a service design problem.

MOMtech software demo at DRI
Helena and Andy demonstrated the MOMtech software at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary (DRI)

Project downloads

There are currently no downloads for this project. Please keep checking the site. Downloads and resources will be added as the project progresses.