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MOMtech – more than a technology design problem… 29/09/2011

Since our meeting with the Doncaster Royal Infirmary Monday Clinic and community midwives in August we have started to understand MOMtech as a service design rather than a technology design problem. We originally focused on making it quick for midwives to select the messages that their clients would receive and set the times for these messages. We now recognise that the technology is just a small part of the work of the clinic.

A short role play exercise between two of the researchers revealed that it is not realistic to expect clients to choose which messages they want to receive ‘on the spot’. Clients need time to understand what the service offers and to think about what goals they might want to set for themselves. To help with this Mark & Helena designed a paper leaflet that can be given to the client at the first consultation. The leaflet will help them think about which goals to focus on for the second consultation.

In discussions after the focus group meeting, Carolyn, the specialist midwife who runs the clinic, suggested creating a ‘MOMtech pack’ that includes both the introductory leaflet and some other materials to collect information to prepare for consultation 2.

Project updates

MOMtech trials begin
The project is now at a point where the software is working and the diary element is being devised.

MOMtech - more than a technology design problem...
We start to understand MOMtech as a service design problem.

MOMtech software demo at DRI
Helena and Andy demonstrated the MOMtech software at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary (DRI)

Project downloads

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