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‘Crafting the Future’ at EAD 2013 09/05/2013

The tenth conference of the European Academy of Design (EAD) took place from the 17 – 19th April in the beautiful Swedish seaside town of Gothenburg. The conference looked at how the practice and  knowledge of designers can be shared and understood and used in areas such as innovation, business development and for social change. 

Helena presented a UCHD paper as part of ‘The Craft of Design in Design of Service’ track. The paper, called Using Popular Culture to Enable Health Service Co-Design with Young People, described  experiences gained during the  ‘Whose Diabetes is it’ project. Helena  received very constructive feedback, as well as several interesting questions from the audience. The first paper in the service design theme presented four different service design case studies, the second discussed theory from the field and the third took the form of a panel discussion involving well known people from service design. On the panel were Stuart Bailey from the Glasgow School of Art, Andrew Polaine  from Lucerne University, Hazel White, University of Dundee and Alison Prendiville from the University of the Arts, London. The discussion explored the changes that service design can bring to users and wider society, how to evaluate/measure the impact of a newly designed service; what are the key skills of a service designer and what design craft can bring to the service design field.

Helena’s EAD presentation can be found here.

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